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Choosing route and flight


At the first step, you need to insert Departure place (From), Destination (To), the desired date of flight, service class and indicate categories and number of passengers. To choose a route "turnaround", please click on "one-way" and specify the date of the return flight.

To look at the schedule, please click on "± 3 days". Minimum fares for the period ± three days from the chosen date will be shown.

After you have inserted all necessary data, press the button "Search". The system will process your request (Note: Depending on the route, processing may take some time) and give flights with ticket prices from low to high. On the same page, you can use filters to choose a particular flight.

Flights are grouped by price and airline.

Choose the flight from the found options by clicking on.

When booking turnaround tickets, at first select “direct flights only” and then return flight.

Click “Buy”. After that, you will see a window with detailed information about the flight. This window displays the cost of carriage, imposed fees and rules of ticket refund. If you hover the mouse over "Payment options", all the possible forms of payment according to the fare will be displayed.

button should be selected for further processing ticket "Yes, this is what you need."

For further steps click on "Yes, that’s what I was looking for!".