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Aircraft Museum

The first exhibits were aircraft that have outlived their usefulness. It was decided to keep these machines as a memory for descendants by the initiative of the Governor of Orenburg Region, Yuri Berg.

Today the exposition of this aviation museum has 6 exhibits: Tu-134, Tu-154, AN-2, AN-24, Yak-40 and Mi-2. Aircraft were designed in development design offices of Tupolev, Yakovlev, Antonov, Mill. Aircraft engines were made in design offices of Shvetsov, Klimov, Izotov, Solovyov, Ivchenko, Kuznetsov.

After you visit air exhibition in Airport Orenburg, you will get a lasting impression as to this unique aviation exposition, located on more than one hectare of area adjacent to the airport. You will have a sense of national pride of Russians for the achievements of the Soviet science and technology, embodied in the exhibits. This exhibition of aviation technology plays an important role in the education of patriotism among the Russian population.