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Online refund of tickets

This method of refund is available only for tickets paid with plastic card.

Online refund:

1) When ticket is not used, refund is made for the whole route.

2) For the partially used the ticket, you will be refunded for the flight segments that have not be used.

If you would not like to fly using your ticket for some reason, please search for your order and  apply for a refund in the following order:

1. At go to the page «Online refund of ticket».

2. Press the button Online return form

3. Insert Order number (specified in your ITINERARY TICKET).

4. Insert Surname of passenger in the field Surname.

5. Press the button Search for order. If there is such order, page with general information about the order will be displayed.

For all orders with an electronic ticket, the button Refund of tickets is available. If paper ticket was issued, this button is not available. If e-ticket was issued, but you cannot apply for a refund (for example, if the form of payment is not a plastic card or electronic money), then when you press this button Refund of tickets the relevant message is displayed.

6. To apply for a refund please press the button to make ticket refund. Window for choosing passengers for a refund will be opened. Flight segments that were not used would be displayed.

7. Select passengers in the list whose tickets will be refunded and then click Next. Finally, a window for refund confirmation will be displayed.

8. Please read the terms of ticket refund using the link, if you have no objections, tick «I agree with the terms of ticket refund».

Press "Apply". Notification that you applied for a refund will be sent to your email.