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The Holiday "International Child Protection Day"

06 may 2015 y.
The Holiday "International Child Protection Day"

SUE Orenburg region "Orenburg Airport" provides written information by the personal request of the passenger or the organization.

International Airport "Orenburg" has not been indifferent to the young generation at  this sunny summer day. Because it is our children, our future passengers, and after an exciting excursion aboard the aircraft, to the cabin of pilot and to the Museum of the Airport and the airline, possibly,  our future aviators!

This year, the children's "crew" were consisted of 30 children from orphanages of Orenburg region, which were invited to the event organized by the State Unitary Enterprise of Orenburg region "Airport Orenburg" in honor of the holiday «International Child Protection Day»

Children from the Orsk orphanage flew to the Orenburg airport on Czech aircraft L-410 by regular flight of " Orenburzhye Airline"  and immediately went on an excursion to the terminal building, to aircrafts and to the hangar where a renovation and maintenance of aircraft are carried out.

With them on an excursion were children from the Chebenkovskiy orphanage of Orenburg region and Orenburg orphanage. At the end of the excursion they could visit the Museum of the Airline with an interesting exhibits and see film about the formation and development of the Airline.

What child would not want the first day of the summer holidays to watch new movie? Especially because such new movie will be shown in the popular cinema "Cinema-Fresh" in Armada Mall. Special thanks to LLC "Cinema Invest" for providing free viewing of the film "Land of the Future".

In order to viewing the movie would be pleasant, and the memory of the day in Orenburg Airport would remain for a long time, airport staff handed children corporate souvenirs, sweets, coloring books, and souvenirs from the "Orenburg airlines".

Now it remains only to wait for children's drawings in the competition "Airport of the Future" with fresh impressions and fantasies - how do our children see the airport? We create the future  today!