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Rules for carriage of animals and plants


If you transport animals or plants, you need to agree about the carriage conditions with the airline!

 All the necessary information about animals and plants is contained on information boards located on the first floor of the terminal, opposite the main entrance or on our website.

Rules of carriage of animals

If you carry animals on board, you need to have the following documents:

  • Pet passport;
  • Health certificate (Certificate is issued by any state veterinary clinic (Form no.1). The document shall contain information on vaccinations by age. The latest rabies shot for cats, dogs and ferrets should be done not earlier than one year and not later than one (1) month before the departure date. Questions on vaccination, researches and enclosed documents are agreed with veterinary services in each case, in accordance with the veterinary legislation).

Please specify in the consulate of the country of destination if import of any kind and breed of animals is permitted.

Passengers are permitted to carry no more than two animals at a time in container with total weight less than 5-8 kg in the cabin.

If an animal cannot be transported in the cabin, it is transported in the baggage compartment of an aircraft only in a closed special durable and comfortable cages or containers. The bottom of container should be waterproof and covered with absorbent material. Please ask what requirements for cages and containers has the airline you are planning to fly.

The size should allow the animal to stand up to his full height and rotate through a full 360 degrees. The height of cage must equal to the height of the standing animal (D), the width of the pet (C), and the length - length (A) - plus half the length of legs (B).





Inside the cage or container there must be a place for mounting containers with water and food. Consignor provides animal feed.

The feed must meet all the standards of the state wherefrom the animal is imported, or through which it is carried.

Products of animal origin, meat or products containing meat are not allowed to be transported inside the container. Unknown feed for animals is not accepted.

Acceptance for carriage of animals is carried out only if passenger bears full responsibility for them. Airlines are not responsible for injury, loss, delay in delivery, disease or death of animals, as well as in case of refusal in importation or transportation through any country or territory.

The cost of transportation

Weight of carried animals and birds, including the weight of containers (cages) and food is not included in the free baggage allowance. The animal is weighed together with the container; transportation cost depends on the total weight.

Guide dogs are transported free of charge without a cage, provided that this dog has a collar and a muzzle and on a leash of its owner.


Rules for carriage of plants

It is prohibited to transport to the territory of the Russian Federation in cabin and checked baggage of passengers of foreign countries:

  • seeds, planting material and potatoes (seed and food) without a phytosanitary certificate issued by the National Service for Plant Protection (NPPO) of the country of origin;
  • any plant products from Georgia, Azerbaijan, the Republic of Tajikistan and the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • seeds, fresh fruit and vegetables in parcels, carry-on baggage and checked baggage in quantities exceeding 5 kg.

It is allowed to import the following items into Russia from other countries without import quarantine permission and phytosanitary certificates of sending countries:

• products for food purposes: starch, hops, ground coffee, tea, sugar- refined and packaged;

• herbs and spices;

• processed rice straw for industrial products, Sardon cones, finishing wood, cork, wool, hides, henna and basma;

• medicinal raw materials;

• products of plant origin, free of quarantine organisms on vehicles and intended for food purposes of commands and crews of these transport means without the right of removal from them;

• Depth of minerals and soils, river and sea sand bottom sediments of the seas, rivers and lakes;

• regulated articles (flour, cereals, dried and fresh fruits and vegetables, raisins, spices, nuts), free of quarantine organisms, weighing up to 5 kg., in the hand luggage of passengers and members of ships and aircraft crews, mail.

Import quarantine permits are issued by a written application from the consignee of the goods submitted to the State Inspectorate for Plant Quarantine.