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Procedures for refund or exchange of air tickets paid with plastic card

Ticket exchange

To exchange tickets purchased with bank card the passenger may apply to any certified agency.

Air ticket is exchanged according to the rules of applicable fare. Fees for changing air carriage conditions, difference in price of exchanged and new ticket (if any) and agency fee are paid in cash.

Air ticket refund

To return air tickets paid by plastic card, passenger needs to contact any of our agency offices and provide a passport, itinerary receipt and plastic card used for payment, or apply for a refund at our website; in this case, money will be refunded to the plastic card used for payment.

In the case of voluntary refund, the following fees shall be paid by the passenger:

– fee imposed by TCH (185 rubles for each flight segment);

– fee imposed by the airline according to the rules of the applied fare;

– agency fee for voluntary refund of the ticket - 300 rubles for the ticket form.

The application for termination of Air Carriage Agreement and refund can be only accepted from the passenger, in whose name the ticket was issued, or by his/her notarized representative.

Application for ticket refund means that you agree with the terms of return policy and your seats will be available in the reservation system. If after submission of application you suddenly change your mind and decide not to return your air ticket, we will not be able to do anything.

Application for ticket refund is handled:

– if applied at our website — from 06:00  a.m. till 5 p.m. (Moscow time), 7 days a week;

– if applied at our office – on the spot.

We kindly ask you to understand that due to technological processing of applications and refunds, the amount to be refunded will be calculated at the time of application processing rather than at the time of its submission. So please, in order to avoid the additional costs do not wait until the last day to submit your application.

Refund certificate is issued according to the results of refund processed in the system. The certificate displays the calculated amount of refund according to the rules of airline’s applied fare.

Cashier in order to make a refund to a plastic card issues refund receipt according to the rules of TCH.

Refunds are made only to the plastic card used for payment for the air ticket.