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Management team

Sergey Mordvintsev
General Director

Vladimir Poteshkin
First Deputy General Director

Sergey Tyuvilev
Deputy General Director for Flight Operations Organization

Victor Turkov
Deputy General Director for Ground Handling

Ekaterina Somova
Deputy General Director for Finance – Chief Accountant

Alexander Khristianovsky
Deputy General Director for Aviation Security – Head of Aviation Security Service

Sergey Ostapchuk
Deputy General Director for Flight Safety

Yevgeny Tarasov
Director of quality

Gvozdev Vladislav
Head of commercial services

Olga Tertichnaya
Chief Economist

Leontiev Alexander
Head of Production and Dispatch Service

Tatyana Stepanova
Chief of Transport Management Service

Sergey Bushin
Chief of Fuel and Lubricant Service

Sergey Smirnov
Chief for Search and Emergency Flights Servicing

Marina Selivanova
Chief of Legal Department

Vladislav Golovin
Chief of Aerodrome Service

Elena Konnova
Chief of Human Resources Service