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Transport Management Service of Airport “Orenburg” turns 65 in August!

It is the most important operational service in every airport: it provides service to passengers, processing of baggage, cargo and mail on domestic and international airlines.

Personnel of Transport Management Service or TMS in short is divide into three operational groups. The first group render services to passengers from the moment of check-in up to boarding on the aircraft and from the date of passengers’ disembarkation from the aircraft, and moreover - loading, unloading, luggage storage service and its delivery. Load balance calculation of the aircraft and information support of passengers is included in this group.

The second group renders service to VIP passengers and business class passengers, providing superior services to customer passing through VIP and business lounges.

The concern of the third group is servicing of cargo carriage and cargo customers, receipt, storage and loading / unloading of cargo, clearance and submission of documentation to customs authorities.

Tatyana Stepanova, a qualified professional with 31 years of experience in aviation industry, including 19 years in a managerial position, heads Orenburg Transport Management Service.

Tatyana, could you please define the main objective of TMS?

Tatyana Stepanova: The main objective of TMS is to ensure security and frequency of flights maintaining high quality of passenger service and cargo business.

How do you achieve this objective?

Т.С.: For this purpose there is operational cooperation of TMS and other airport services. Moreover, our Service has high-qualified personnel that is able to cope with the objectives to be achieved. 34 employees of TMS has university education, 11 people are enrolled in higher education institutions, 25 have secondary professional education. At the same, professional level of our personnel is constantly improved.

In general, our service staff is a big happy family dedicated and united people that know a lot and very knowledgeable about their business. For example, we always assist in ground handling of passengers with disabilities. For the better implementation of this task, an agreement with the All-Russian Society of the Disabled People of the Orenburg region was concluded and Manual on servicing such passengers was agreed.