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Transport security in safe hands!

In December 2015 SUE of Orenburg region “International Airport “Orenburg” was awarded with the Diploma of the National Award "Transport Security of Russia 2015" in nomination "The best object of transport infrastructure in air transportation in transport safety."

In this regard, we will ask Alexander Khristianovsky, the Chief of Aviation Security Service of Orenburg airport, a few questions:

For passengers the term “security” in its most general form is quite definite, single and does not require interpretation. Unlike it, "transport" and particularly "aviation security" is a complex concept. What does it mean?

Alexander Khristianovsky: There are a number of legal requirements regarding aviation (transport) security, which is strictly controlled. In particular, the prevention of acts of unlawful interference in civil aviation. Regulatory authorities did not revealed any violations on our part.

This means that the company punctually fulfills the requirements of legislation and departmental standard documents on timing, volume and quality of aviation (transport) security documents. All in all, airport developed and approved 10 transport security plans, depending on the type of aircraft operated.

What is being done specifically to ensure security at the airport?

A. H .: 50 technical units for screening, including 4 X-ray television introscopes, and equipment for the central surveillance checkpoint were purchased due to the company's own funds in order to implement the transport security plan of transport security object and aviation security programs.

Officers responsible for ensuring transport security in the subject, object and critical element of transport infrastructure were retrained in aviation training center of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State Research Institute of Civil Aviation" and the Center for retraining and further training of air transport personnel of the Russian Federation, Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation.

Retraining and advanced training of all aviation security employees in private educational institution of additional professional education Research and Training Center "Aviation security and new equipment."

Battledrill "Nabat-Orenburg-2015" was held at the objects of Airport Orenburg (Tsentralny) in accordance with the plan of the basic organizational actions of the emergency operations center in the Orenburg region.

What is exactly practiced during the battledrill?

A. H .: We practiced the organization and implementation of measures to combat terrorism at transport facilities, according to the plan “Nabat”. 470 employees of various executive bodies participated in the battledrill.

During the drill, all planned objectives have been achieved. The head of the emergency operations center of the Orenburg region appreciated the quality of design and planned actions of structural units and actions of employees.