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Quality is a sure thing and it is high!

Evgeny Tarasov is a Quality Director of “Orenburzhye” Airline.

After graduation from the Orenburg State University, he studies at the Institute of Administrative Staff and Industry Experts of St. Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation under the training program for experts in quality system (internal audit experts). Experience in aviation industry - 8 years, including 7 years - in managerial positions.

Evgeny, airport, at least in the eyes of the passengers, is a company where there is nothing with poor quality. What exactly does your department?

Evgeny Tarasov: Speaking in very general terms, it works out a quality manual of the enterprise, standards for documented procedures, participates in the development of internal documentation and audits other departments.

What are your responsibilities as a director?

E.T.: To schedule inspections and conduct internal audits of the quality management system in the enterprise units according to the requirements of ISO 9001-2011. During these inspections, the activities of our departments are checked and analyzed if the performed works comply with the Federal Aviation Regulations and internal regulations. If any violations are found, we develop together with the departments and carry out corrective actions in order to avoid mistakes in future.

In addition, among the concerns of the Quality Director is preparation of reports for the General Director on the state of quality management system in the company, control over work of the Department for quality, certification and licensing in a large number of issues.

What exactly?

Е.Т.: It is gathering of information and identification of the inconsistencies in quality management system of the enterprise to the established requirements;

- formation and management of the regulatory and methodical documentation on quality; fulfillment of supervisory instructions of the supervisory authorities;

- preparation and issue of documents for an Air Operator Certificate and for a license for air carriage of passengers, cargo;

- maintaining information system of air transport "Application for a certification";

In addition, the Quality Director is a member of the Flight Safety Council and the Group for Safety Control on the runway.

In addition to the services provided by your own airport services, there are also external service providers. Who are they, how do you build a relationship with them?

Е.Т.: Objectives for cooperation with them are similar. We schedule inspections and monitor (audit) of the external service providers according to FAP No.246 "Requirements for legal entities, individual entrepreneurs engaged in commercial air transportation". The form and procedure for issue of document confirming the compliance of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs engaged in commercial air transport, to the requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulations as of 08.13.2015.

In the concluded ground handling agreement, it is stipulated that “Orenburzhye” airline has a right to audit airports as service providers. The plan of audits for a year is compiled and, according to it, the inspections are carried out. We audit not only airports, but also Aviation Training Centers (ATC), where the staff of Air Squadron, Aircraft Maintenance Facility, Transport Management Servic, etc. undergo training and further training.

At external audit the compliance with the requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulations and the requirements of “Orenburzhye” airline to airports, ATC service, the level of teacher training, training programs are checked.

If any inconsistencies are found, they are registered and the procedures for their elimination are worked out.